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A Letter from Aaron & Amethyst

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and for considering us as parents for your child. We feel that it is God’s plan for us to become a family through adoption. We want to help your baby discover their best self and support them through all that they do. We have a huge support system within our family, church, and friends and they are all excited to welcome your child home!



About Us

We met six and a half years ago and had an instant connection. A year later we were married! When we tried to grow our family, we experienced pregnancy difficulties and, after three years, we found God’s path for our family leading to adoption. We are excited to now grow our family through adoption.

We love doing things together with family and friends including a monthly family bowling night. We make time for each other and we do so many things together like grocery shopping, landscaping, home decorating, watching TV, going to the movies, going to dinner/brunch. We are constantly laughing and enjoy attending car shows, game nights, and baseball and basketball games! We both look forward to sharing our adventure through life with your child and, since we both love to read, are looking forward to bedtime stories.

About Aaron

Aaron is truly a blessing from God. I love his sense of humor.  He is a giver, kind, dedicated, and is a hands-on fixer. He enjoys watching sports and having projects to do around the house. Aaron also enjoys working on computers and cars. He leads the IT Support Team at his job and is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces.
He is excited about the next chapter in our lives and looks forward to teaching your child how to play sports, work with their hands to fix things and how to do things for themselves.

About Amethyst

My wife Amethyst is currently working on her second degree in early childhood education, with the intention of becoming an elementary school teacher.  Currently, she is a high school Paraprofessional Educator and part-time Dance and Fitness Instructor for children ages two and up. Amethyst enjoys cooking and trying new recipes. She is a very determined person with admirable faith and she never gives up on her dreams.
Amethyst is looking forward to being a first-time mom and seeing your child develop and grow. She is excited to support and encourage them in whatever their heart desires.

Our Home in Illinois

Our beautiful home is located in the suburbs of Illinois and is filled with love and laughter. We have a three-year-old rat terrier/Chihuahua mix named Amber. She is super energetic, playful, and gets along wonderfully with children. We live in a very family-friendly diverse area within an excellent school district. We have a community playground and shopping centers, restaurants, theatres, museums, and a local zoo nearby. We are a short car ride from downtown, the pier, and a local lake! We are excited to expose our child to a well-balanced variety of activities.


Our Faith

We are active members of a non-denominational church and attend together regularly. Amethyst is part of the music and arts ministry. Our church has an excellent children’s ministry that seeks to nurture the spiritual development and provide a fun, secure, and loving environment.  We look forward to teaching our child good morals and values.

Our Family

Our family is a blessing and very important to us. We have a loving, giving, energetic, and active family that is very supportive of each other. Our family members are so very excited for us to grow our family and are already looking forward to playdates! We enjoy gathering together for holidays, birthdays, and special events. Most of our immediate family lives in Illinois.  Amethyst has a step-mother and a brother that lives in Kansas and Aaron’s two adult sons who live in Georgia.
We both work at our family-owned Daycare & Preschool center.  Amethyst is a substitute teacher there and Aaron does all the IT work.

Our Promise

We promise to raise your child in a secure, loving, Christian home where they will grow up with unconditional love, encouragement, guidance and where they will be given the best opportunities to have an amazing life. We are committed to being the best parents possible. We promise that they will grow up knowing their story and we look forward to sharing pictures, letters, and visits with you.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Aaron & Amethyst

  Aaron Amethyst
Our EducationAssociates in Computer Information and Office SystemsAssociates. Currently working on bachelor’s in Elementary Education with a minor in Early Childhood Education
Our ProfessionsIT Lead Desktop SupportParaprofessional Educator and Dance and Fitness Instructor
Stay-At-HomeNoYes, during the summer. My mom owns a Daycare Center for childcare during school year.
Our Racial BackgroundAfrican-AmericanAfrican-American
Some of Aaron & Amethyst's Favorites
Food Chicken Parmigiana and Beef StroganoffPancakes
Movie GenreSci-Fi Horror
Sport FootballBasketball
Season FallSpring
Hobby ComputersReading
Holiday ChristmasChristmas
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We love cars and we go to the auto show every year together. Aaron also loves to work on cars. We have television shows that we watch together. Amethyst loves dance shows like So You Think You Can Dance and World of Dance and Aaron loves his football. We both love basketball. We like to go to basketball and baseball games. During our downtime, we both enjoy reading, playing games like Words with Friends, and surfing the net or Facebook.

Our Faith

Our journey is God lead. We prayed together to determine if adoption was the right path for us. Once we made the decision to adopt our family, friends, and our church pitched in to help make this dream become a reality. Our children's ministry is great and starts at age 3 and goes through 12th grade. They get to learn at their level.

Our Musical Interest

We like a variety of music. Aaron's favorite is smooth jazz and Amethyst's favorite is Gospel. We both played instruments in high school. Aaron played the Baritone Tuba and Amethyst played the flute. Amethyst listens to a variety of music since she teaches ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, and Zumba.

About Our Home

We have a beautiful 3 bedroom 2-Story single-family home with the Snoopy themed nursery already completed. Our backyard is big with no neighbors directly behind us so there is plenty of space to play games or for hosting gatherings. Aaron likes to grill in the backyard. We enjoy landscaping and decorating for Christmas, our favorite holiday. Amber loves to play in the yard and roll in the grass.

Our Family

We see some of our family weekly and others at least once a month. We live 10 minutes from Amethyst's parents and 20 minutes away from Aaron's mom's house. We are big on spending time together for the holidays. We celebrate our family Christmas the Sunday before Christmas every year that way everyone can attend. We have a monthly bowling night with the family on the third Sunday of the month. Our nieces come over for regular playdates.

We live in the state of...

We live in the suburbs of Illinois. We are a short car ride from one of the big cities and enjoy attending the summer fireworks show every year! They also have awesome restaurants and museums. We love to go to the electric boats annually with your baby’s future Godmother and other friends. We are centrally located so most things are close by.

Our Neighborhood

We live in a quiet subdivision of single-family homes and townhomes. There is a neighboring park behind our open backyard. Nice to walk the dog or ride bikes. It is a well-maintained community. It is the perfect surroundings to grow and play. Only 4 minutes from our family-owned daycare center.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to six months old


Either gender!

Ethnicity of ChildAfrican-American, African-American/ Any Race
Future Contact with Birth Family

We are open to letters, pictures, and visits.

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We promise to love your child unconditionally. We feel that it is God’s plan for us to become a family through adoption and we are so excited to do so. We are financially, emotionally, and mentally ready to make a difference in a child’s life and support them in all that they do. We look forward to hearing from you soon and getting to know you!

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